Sofiya (sophiya) wrote,

Let it go, just let it go!

Let it go, just let it go!
(Neli Merris, Yoga teacher)

Life can surprise you... Table about the impact of Ramadan.

I've never had less steps in the whole story of my using of Fitbit device since June, 16th, 2014.
And it's only the first period of time in my whole life when I have LOST more than 9 kilos in less than one month, almost 10kg.

I've used to move a lot for all these 4 years: I went to Karate Goushin-Ryu in Australia (for five years); I was doing cycling (both in Australia and UAE); Aquafit (for more than 1 year, it was never counted in my steppings BTW); Zumba Strong, Zumba Tuning, Zumba Dance, + Xbox kinect dancing games; Yoga; Bodyfit, Bootcamp, Bodypump, ZSC trainings; played Ingress game with walking more than 35-40 km/day; run Ethihad vertical maraphone and participated in stepping challenges in Fitbit and Zayed Sport City... My daily goal was 16K steps/day since October, 2014 and I used to reach it 90% of time. I was counting calories with MyFitnessPal and synced it with fitbit.
I really loved (in a good meaning, right?) all my fitness teachers, trainers and Senseis: RB,KF,J.; Zumba with Helen, Zumba with Ayesha, Yoga with Vishy, Anaadi Yoga with Neli. I believe they do their best job.

But as a result anyway I GAINED 10 kilos in 4 years.

Fasting is a real challenge when temperatures in UAE reach 48-50C. I am not sure what is right and what is wrong. I'm not a Muslim. I've just decided to try what they do and how they feel.

And when I've finally decided it's not necessary to lose weight and do my minimum of 16 K steps, started eat fat yougurt with nuts for suhur (سحور), dates and lots of high in calories food for iftar (إفطار‎ ʾifṭār), all the different types of tastiest things I liked but tried not to eat before.
Finally I am the same weight I was when I bought my first Fitbit Flex at Officeworks 4 years ago.
And I'm still losing weight.

It's a miracle...
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