Sofiya (sophiya) wrote,

Advantages and disadvantages of having a large family.

On the whole, even though I am an only child, I think to have a big family is good.
Many people feel that in our contemporary conditions it is very important to have relatives you can trust, people who can give you the support, people to love and to be loved by.
An argument in favour is people from large families could be great team-workers, they can generously share their things, believes and their help. They know well how to communicate.
Arguments against large families would depend on individual goals and pursues.
Some people think nowadays is very important to have a good standard of living, to give their kids a better education, to have nicer holidays, a better expensive car and... maybe a bigger house? But a big house is empty if there are no kids. It's a matter of money, you know. There are even some families who deliberately have chosen a way without a family. They could live there in the house just all alone. Or there are also "DINK-families" (Dual income, no kids", DINK), those families are households in which there are two incomes and no children, and they can spend more money on their living.
On the other hand, some people get depressed if they don't have a goal and even money cannot make them happier. Those who live in big families usually are busy and don't have time for depression, they have not only lots of tasks but the big goals, and the most important the positive model for following in their lives.
Another argument against large families is that not all big families are peaceful places, not all of them give their members a positive experience. There could be nervous, lots of quarrels, constant noises, so even their neighbours would complain. That's why some people even hate large families. And they also think some big families receive too many benefits from the government, but in fact, it is never too much.
It is clear from the facts that a large family is great. But the thing is not about how large is your family and how many family members there are, how many kids you have got, but what are they. It is wonderful if they all are good personalities, lovely and nice. It is great if your kids are making you happy and proud of. As for us... we have decided it is a luxury for us to have a third kid, so we have two children.
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