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How to plot the map using GPS and the converter on "Google Earth".

You can see and read how I have build the table of data using GPS (UTS system), converters and then ploted the map using "Google Earth" Application.
Здесь вы пожете посмотреть, как построить таблицу данных, используя данные GPS (в системе UTS), а затем построить карту в приложении "Google Earth".
The data were taken from Nurragingy Reserve Water Sampling Field trip.
Данные были взяты из похода со взятием проб воды в Заказнике Нурраджинджи (Австралия).
Nurragingy Reserve is an open space area located in the suburbs of Doonside and
Rooty Hill. The name "Nurragingy" commemorates one of the two aborigines
of the Dharruk (Dharug, Daruk) tribe who received the first land grant
to natives from Governor Macquarie in 1819. The other title holder was
Colebee, whose name has been given to the Centre within the Reserve.

Reserve is a sprawling natural bushland reserve consisting of over 90
hectares of recreational space. Nurragingy offers the following
  • Picnic & BBQ areas (wood supplied)
  • Playgrounds
  • Walking Tracks
  • Formal Garden Areas
  • Quiet shaded areas with pavillions
  • Waterfall
  • Natural bushland
  • Toilets
  • Wedding garden areas
  • The Nurrangingy Blacksmith

Map 1. “Legend” of the Nurragingy Reserve.
Source of the map:
This map (see the Map 1.) is important for us as we can see there some spots as:
  • Ibis place (The second spot on the map),   
  • Magpie place    (The first spot on the map),
  • Parking sides   
  • The scale.    

But this map is just a legend map, and North there we can see at right (not
“up” as usually). And we cannot use this map for accurate plotting the route map.

Based on GPS readingsthe required map of the route that we have taken to measure the water parameters was ploted.
  1. To build the real map I need to convert the UTS coordinates to Longtitude and Latitude coordinates.

Using the online converter ( we are able to build the table (see Table 1.):
    Number of the sample point
UTS coordinates        Longtitude and Latitude coordinates.           
E 0301608 N 6261913       
33°45'51.41"S 150°51'27.79"E
E 0301547 N 6261916
S 33°45'53.67" E 150°51'32.21"
E 0301570 N 6261920       
33°45'50.46"S 150°51'27.73"E
E 0301682 N 6262024   

33°45'48.00"S 150°51'31.19"E
E 0301804 N 6262045
33°45'47.46"S 150°51'35.83"E       
E 0301845 N6261999     
33°45'49.03"S 150°51'37.35"N       

Table 1. The convertion UTS coordinates to Longtitude and Latitude coordinates.
And  if we just would put the Longtitude and Latitude  coordinates into
the “Google maps” we will just have only one point on the map, e.g.
point 4 (see Map 2.):

Map 2. Example of the application of the Longtitude and Latitude coordinates for one of the points.
But here we need to put all the six coordinates.
So I have used the Google Earth application to do the all map of our
sampling points and at first put the map as well the same direction as
we have at the web site:
Map 3. The map which was downloaded from Blacktown City Council web site:
Map 4. The map of Nurragingy Reserve located the same as the map 3. (Google Earth Application in use).
Map 5. The photo of the Nurragingy Recreation Area on the Road Map.
that rotating the map (see Map 4.) the right direction (see Map 5.) we
have the right map (North “up”) with the sampling locations. See Map 6.

Map 6. The map of the water sampling points at Nurragingy Reserve.
Everybody can also download this map which is public on the web with the link: (click “Download” and use Google Earth Application).
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