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Analysis of the water parameters from the field trip (Nurragingy)

Если кто может помочь в анализе данных водных измерения - welcome :-)
Тут много картинок австралийской природы, если вы не можете помочь, то можете посмотреть :-)

To analyse the water parameters we need at first analyse the sampling
points to see what could be the reasons for the different values of the
parameters at those sampling points.

1. The first sampling point (“Under the bridge”).

The photos of the bridge where the sampling has taken place is on the photos see Picture 1. and Picture 5.
Picture 1. Sampling point 1. (“Under the bridge”).

Picture 2. Taking the measurement of the width of the Eastern Creek at this point.
This sampling point is located near the Magpie Picnic area (see Map 3. and Picture 3.), the bridge is close to this area.
The width of the creek there is 10 m.

Picture 3. - “Magpie Picnic Area”.
The water at the first point looks brown but it is clear (see Picture 4.):
Picture 4. - The water from the sampling point 1.

Picture 5. - The photo of the bridge.

The water sample looked clear, and its turbidirty measurement has shown 4
NTU. This is the lowest turbidity after the last sample which was 2 NTU.

The temperature of water: 20.2 °C.

2. The sampling place 2. (“Ibis”).

Picture 6-7. - Taking the second water sample.

Picture 8. - The water at the “Ibis” place.
at the second place appeared to be clear but not so clean as at the
first place. This water sample has been taken at 12.20pm.

We can obviously see more plants at this place.

3. The sampling place 3. (“Broken tree”).
water at the third place has got higher pH and very low DO (there could
be a measuring mistake takes place). The log makes the shade, so we
have got the lowest temperature in the water: 16.1°C (see Picture 9.).

Picture 9. - Broken tree.

4. The sampling place 4. (“Currawong”).

Pictures 10-12. - Currawong (site 4).
The water sample at Currawong place appears to be brownish (see Pictures 10-12).

5. The sampling place 5. (“Chapel Pond”).

This pond has got lots of forms of aquatic life - fish and the different birds, many microintervertabrates.
The water there appears to be brown.

Pictures 13-15.- The Chapel pond.
We also can see there lots of algue (see Picture 16). This pond probably needs to be cleaned from the water plants.
Picture 16. Water plants.
6. Water sampling at the “Small Bridge” site.
Picture 17.

Picture 18. - Water comes from this side.

Water goes to this side:

Picture 19. - Water goes to that side.

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