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Christmas celebration in Australia.

The same article is also avaliable in Russian: Рождество в Австралии. Эта же самая статья также доступна на русском: Рождество в Австралии.
Диана собрала "GOAT"I have to say that the writing of this post was done seriously and legally.
Probably just as seriously as Diana has written the word "goat" in the illustration.
As I know in Australia it is not so simple to take any photos of children. You need to take permission from their parents. Especially if you're going to publish these photos on your web-site.
Therefore, I can assure everyone that there are only children of parents who have signed the relevant papers.
I think it's right. Everybody wouldn't agree with the fact that everybody may see his pictures on the internet, would he?
The permission to use the photos were obtained exclusively for my blog-site -
This is for those who want to share.

Diana dressed up as a fairy. This is her favorite costume.

There to celebrate Christmas in our playgroup (which is funded by NSW government) gathered mothers and kids from countries all over the world. There were kids from Africa, India, Korea, and even from Russia! :-)
In the picture we see their hands folded in such a way, because the children sing a song, which includes fine and gross motor skills.
The program for the celebration was made ecpecially for children. The order of the day was almost the same as any other day.
But, of cource, Christmas has got it's own features.

Children were given Christmas gifts and goodies, which included the party blowout horns.

Some of the children went to our playgroup throughout the year, some of them just joined
recently. It's the only Christmas celebration for someone, and perhaps for others it is just one of a series of children's parties in Child Care, Preschool, and the Christmas meetings with family friends...

In the past three months Mums came to the playgroup not only to play with the children and discuss children's needs and behaviour, but also to study themselves.
Here is our teacher Janelle. This woman has lived in Africa for so long time and she knows Swahili (kiswahili) - the largest of the Bantu languages ​​and is one of the most important languages ​​of the African continent and is the language of interethnic communication, Swahili spread over a vast area of East and Central Africa and it is the only African language with the status of the working language of the African Union. So it is clear why it is so easy to find the common sense with this cute baby :-)

Well, and then, what was the usual program?
Usually it is the craft, the story time and the children songs.
And we made Rudolph reindeer. Rudolph is the most popular deer among all nine
Santa Claus's reindeer. We have a group of Santa's nine flying reindeer pulling a cart for him and his gifts on Christmas Day. Deer Rudolph joined the classical eight in 1939, when the poet Robert L. May wrote a poem in which the other reindeer made ​​fun of Rudolph because of his glowing red nose. One day because of heavy fog Santa Claus had delayed the gift delivery. And when he got home Rudolph he noticed his glowing nose in a dark room and decided that this would be a suitable torch, lighting the way for his sleigh, and Rudolph was asked to become a leading deer in harness. And Rudolph agreed with the great pleasure.

All children were given two sheets of paper: a piece of red paper and a sheet of bronze one, two "eyes", the red pompons for the nose, scissors and glue. The children were helped by their parents to outline their legs and their own little hands. The result of the work I put to the calendar after, look at the fun deer's mug.

I help my daughter to outline her hand.

Next to me the mother from India also helps her little girl.

Of course, without the help of mothers and kind staff it is very difficult thing to do!
If you try to outline exactly your fingers yourself you could do it easily, but children need to work hard.

- Mom, there are the scissors!

And someone has already started with the leg (oh, with the face)! ...

We were lucky with our patient and confident teachers. They are always ready to help and show the right way to do things.

It's the time to outline the leg. The boy asks: "Should I remove my shoe?"

The girl Dhanvi has already finished!
Photos were made by my father. They all have turned out quite well. However, I was the most happy by this next photo which is the most successful photo with all the collection, I think. Girl Dhanvi here is so natural, and it is just the simple moment of life ...

... And I do not remember what Diana is doing and what is she asked. I was cutting out some hearts from the remains of the bronze paper :-)

And now, perhaps, it's time to put all pencils and glue to the special place.

It was not only the Christmas day but also a Birthday Party! And there were four Birthday kids, and three of them has turned four years old! We sing the song "Happy birthday to you!"

Perhaps, that one photo is such a happy and warm. Yes, if you noticed, every child and every mother has a label with the name. It is very easy and convenient because they do not have to ask every time "Mm ... Sorry, what is your name?"
After the lunch where children were given fruits, kids were given a small packet of crisps. Because they love it.

Families with three children in Australia are quite common.

Our congratulations to Birthday Kids. By the way, the cake was not eaten at all!
Each family brought their traditional plate of dish. For example, I brought the pancakes, somebody brought also Asian, Arab and Chinese pastries. But the Birthday cake is a special tradition ...
And Diana will go to school the next year.
It's very sad to leave our
cozy playgroup and know that we no longer go back there.
Diana was congratulated on the fact that she goes to kindergarten and she was gave the coloring book.

P.S. Do not ask me to put there the LJ CUT. For some reason, I have everything that was under the cut, has just really cut out :-(. But I have rewritten again. 
So just forgive me if you were not interested or
not impressed at all:-). Hope you liked it!
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