Sofiya (sophiya) wrote,

"The main Passenger"/ "Главный пассажир".

An A321 passenger jet of Russia’s Kogalymavia air carrier (flight 9268) bound to St. Petersburg crashed on October 31 some 30 minutes after the takeoff from Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh. It felld down 100 kilometers south of the administrative center of North Sinai Governorate, the city of Al-Arish. The plane was carrying 217 passengers and seven crew members. None survived.
When you hear 217 it brings not too much to your mind. You'll got really sad to hear the news of 10 month old girl Darina who was on that flight with her parents. Her Mother Tatiana has written "The main Passenger" before they went to Egypt.
Their bodies were found yesterday.

На борту самолета Airbus-321 авиакомпании "Когалымавиа", потерпевшего крушение в Египте, находилась молодая семья с маленькой дочкой.
Перед вылетом из Петербурга мама Татьяна написала "Главный пассажир".
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